I am a client who has hired her to provide design services for an estate in Colt’s Neck, NJ and a residence in Manhattan. Shannon worked on the interior spaces of our Colt’s Neck property.  As the principal designer, her responsibilities are many and varied, but primarily involve coordinating the design effort for 28,000 sf of interior space. While her expertise and guidance have been essential, we have especially valued her ability to maintain our original intentions for the house throughout its construction.

Her calm, easy-going, and direct style are favorable points we considered when we hired her for the condominium project. We put our faith in her to address our concerns throughout the design and renovation of this space, and we were not disappointed. Since it is a tightly spaced unit in a high profile building, it was a substantial undertaking which required vision, attention to detail, and a sense of style. We are delighted with the results.

Throughout our experience, she has conducted herself with the utmost discretion and her professionalism and integrity would be an example for others to follow. In closing, and as detailed above, based on my personal experience, I would unreservedly recommend Shannon Hall.

Laura Vukovich | Coltsneck, New Jersey + New York City

She provided her services during the construction of our new home in New Jersey over the last two years. Her primary role was to design the lighting and Lutron systems and to coordinate those designs with our A/V company. Along the way, she also helped with space planning, and selection of paints, furniture and fixtures for the home. She demonstrated herself to be an accessible, knowledgeable and valuable resource, counseling my husband and I through some of the difficult decisions we had to make for the house.

Shannon’s professional demeanor and sense of propriety are first in her class. Based on my personal history as her client, and my high regard for her as a person, I can wholeheartedly recommend Shannon Hall.

Helene Lemeshow | Mendham, New Jersey

Shannon was our principal liaison on this project, and we worked closely with her over several months to perform upgrades to several rooms in a landmark building, which included custom doors, lighting, custom cabinetry, bar design, and a major reworking of the ceilings and walls.   She provided a nicely detailed set of construction documents, and when necessary, created solutions to some fairly challenging design problems in a timely and coordinated fashion.   Her skills as a designer and attention to detail resulted in a magnificent, custom crafted wall system made from mahogany which we built and installed in the unit’s study. Her disposition towards our team and to the client was always professional and her conduct throughout our experience demonstrated the highest character and integrity. Based on the experience noted above, I can without hesitation recommend Shannon Hall.

John Rusk, President, Rusk Renovations | New York City

Over the past 4 years I've worked with Shannon on various projects of varying scale. I'm constantly amazed at her talent and client service level. She is extremely creative and detail oriented.

Cindy Kovach | General Manager at Waterworks

Shannon is a tremendously capable professional who is a welcome addition to any team. Dedicated, intelligent and driven, she understands her client's needs, and ensures the highest quality of product. Shannon has an incredible eye for detail and I would be honored to serve with her as a partner in any future endeavor, and know she will succeed in all that she does.

Molly Denver | Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects

I'm glad to know Shannon, and look forward to the next time we can collaborate. Her background is strong, with meaningful working experience on architecturally significant projects. Shannon's design work is inspired and thorough. She has the energy and capacity to keep sight of the whole job - documentation and drawings, coordinating trades, costs, schedule, etc. I've known Shannon for quite a few years now as a pleasant and enthusiastic professional.

Steve Ballenger | Zepsa Industries

I met Shannon Hall while she was an officer in the Charleston branch of the American Institute of Classical Art and Architecture. We have collaborated on several projects and I have found her to be exceptionally talented, creative, and a real joy to know.

Peg Eastman | Charleston, South Carolina