wellness investigation-irritants COUPLED WITH PROPOSED DESIGN PLAN LOCATION
Off-site investigation preformed with physical radiesthesia tools and a client provided PROPOSED DESIGN plan base OR GOOGLE MAP BASE.

This service allows for the additional exploration of a floor plan design to augment the already purchased Acreage Investigation Service.  This is best used when determining to buy land for the goal of build a new structure or home.  It is a critical Design Development step if you want to do things right from the start.

It will reveal where the environment will impact your proposed living or activity spaces.  It is key in helping you to find the optimal orientation.  It is an especially important  step to locate bed locations.


  • A Site Plan or (provided by client) or Google Map searched by DSFL Studio with:
    • Hartmann Grid proximities
    • Benker Grid proximities
    • Curry Grid proximities
  • Man-made Irritants
    • Towers, Monotowers, and Small Cells
    • Radio-wave areas
    • Electric Distribution
    • Smart technology areas around the structure
      • wifi
      • smart meters
  • Natural irritants
    • Underground fault systems
    • Underground water systems and likely area of lightning strikes
    • World grid crossings with three grades of biological impacts

Also Includes:

  • Notes of Explanation
  • General Healthy Building Tips
    • on orientation
    • on forms
    • building components
      • materials
    • Proportion Mandela  and Harmonic Dimensions for Design Reference
    • Attenuation Guides for Building Materials for: 500 MHz, 1 GHz, 2GHz, 5GHz, 8 GHz
    • Optimal Conditions Guideline
    • Phone Consultation of Explanation and Outline of Steps for what to do next for your quest of Wellness.