A Design Exploration coupled with a wellness investigation.
Off-site investigation preformed with physical radiesthesia tools and a client provided PROPOSED DESIGN plan base, COLLABORATION WITH YOUR ARCHITECT, OR A CUSTOM SCHEMATIC DESIGN WITH DSFL STUDIO to marry perfectly with your Wellness investigation.

This is a consult fee to determine scope only. Further services will be carried out by a negotiated contract instrument. This service has been conceived to augment the already purchased Acreage Investigation Service.  Though it can be used in a stand alone manner, it is not recommended.

This is best used when determining to buy land for the goal of build a new structure or home.  It is a critical Design Development step if you want to do things right from the start.

It will reveal where the environment will impact your proposed living or activity spaces.  It is key in helping you to find the optimal orientation.  It is an especially important  step for bed locations.

This Service enables you to tweak an already purchased design plan in hand; have DSFL Studio as part of your team with your favorite architect in the capacity of a Wellness Consultant and/or Interior Designer; or to have DSFL Studio schematically custom design your whole project in an environmentally harmonic way.

Service could be:

    • Proposed design revisions for environmental harmonics on an already purchased set of plans or
    • A team member with your other contracted design professionals as a Wellness Consultant and  or Interior Designer or
    • Your Designer for a Custom Schematic Harmonic design.