Material Toxicity Research I



Knowledge is power! Have Design Systems for Life educate you about precautions and budgeting for healthy building and remodeling projects.   An Introductory Service that includes:

      • A Review of your project game plan of proposed Materials and or Furnishings List for purchasing .
      • Review your Healthy Site Procedures and instructions to General Contractor.
      • Research a few products your are unsure of for  toxicity.
      • An introductory Verbal Summary and Strategy Plan Consultation 45 min.


If you are Chemically sensitive this could potentially cause a myriad of health and financial problems. Let us review your products, product substitutions, and your evaluation procedures so that you can have a strong foundation with your General Contractor or contractors at the beginning of your project.  With our assistance, you can be empowered to achieve a better outcome  that is inline with your ultimate goal of well being. This is probably one of the most critical services we offer to help you limit your exposures and save on the budget during the construction process.