Healthy Materials Research Service




Knowledge is power! Have Design Systems for Life research your future healthy building materials and furnishing purchases that will surround you, your loved ones, guests, clients or employees.  Service includes:

      • Review of your proposed Materials and or Furnishings List for purchasing . Or…
      • Analysis of your existing space  to optimize it for your visiting Sensitives.
      • An introductory Verbal Summary and Strategy Plan Consultation 45 min.

We work with people who are labeled with ‘Electro-Sensitive’ (ES), ‘Multiple Chemical Sensitivity’ (MCS), ‘Mold-Sensitive’ and ‘Autism Spectrum Disorder’ (ASD).  By providing this introductory design research and guidance service, you will get a taste of what it is like to have a  unique design specialist in your corner.  As a team, we will assist you to make better building design systems and  furnishing selections. This is an excellent service for yourself, your loved ones, your guests, clients or employees.

Do you know what is available to purchase for sensitivities?

Likewise, do you know how to analyze building systems for optimization?