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We are pleased to provide our curated color guide that can be used by anyone working with Neurodiversity in mind. It is a collection of 150 top-tier colors that are based on several research studies involving neurodiverse clients. It is also modeled on Goethe’s Theory of Color. This paint deck was created in collaboration with the Sherwin Williams  paint company and these colors are to be used with their Harmony paint.

Who can use this tool?  Architects, designers, schools, therapists, parents and anyone who seeks to carefully choose colors for visually soothing effects and  way-finding properties.

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A carefully collected set of colors  that Sensitives will enjoy!  Within the collection, there are 150 yummy and calming colors to choose from.  You are not just relegated to gray!  Mid-tones and a certain band of the color spectrum are the key to a successful and calming room design.

Neuro Paint Color Selections by Design Systems For Life

You should allow the Sensitive Client to guide your design scheme with the choice of two colors within this deck.  One is the central calming, balancing, and grounding color objective for the design project.  And the second color is for the personalized high hue, way-finding element that is healing and empowering to the Sensitive!  The way-finding accent color can be utilized in a variety of ways.  The high hue way-finding color chosen by the Sensitive, is typically chosen intuitively.  This is a great insight to the color spectrum needed to help heal the Sensitive in small doses.  These colors are high hue and are not recommended for anything other than accents, or for use in specific activities within sensory rooms, or the use by an accredited color therapy session or sessions.  The designer or therapist can utilize the Sensitive’s way-finding color choice to help establish a sense of belonging by being able to guide the Sensitive into healthy life-work patterns; and to allow self- empowerment to happen by self-guidance and being secure in the fact that their color is showing them the way to their activities and their spaces and even their seat at the table!  It is a great sense of accomplishment and cuts out a significant amount of anxieties.

Design Diagram for a Neuro Sensitive Living Room by Shannon Hall Design Systems for Life
Activity or Living Room for a Neuro Sensitive by Shannon Hall, Design Systems for Life


To find the way-finding colors within the deck, look at the last six pages of the Neuro Fan Deck.  Please note and use the choice that the Sensitive selects creatively as it will provide the greatest personalized satisfaction for well being.




Shannon Hall on Color Cafe April 10
Shannon Hall on Sherwin Williams Color Cafe April 10 2020 about her Branded Deck Neuro

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