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Wellness Home Design, Site Harmonization Services, Investigative Irritant Survey, MCS & ES Material Selections

Here is where you can purchase educational PDFs, consultation time by the 1/2 hour, material research studies and most importantly, pre-design wellness investigations and or existing structure preliminary remediation wellness investigations.

With the category 'Wellness Investigations', a variety of square foot products have been tagged 'Wellness Investigation: SPACE'.  Here are a variety of square foot sizes and prices to fit to your needs and budget. You can either do a portion of high priority areas of 430 sf or you can investigate up to a 3,600 sf.  If the intended property is larger than the highest listed square foot product, please inquire.

There is only one 'Wellness Invesigation: SITE' product and it is currently calibrated for one acre.  If the intended property is larger than one acre, please inquire.

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Art & Antique Selection, Color Consulting, Custom Rugs, Custom Cabinetry, Custom Fireplace Surrounds, Custom Tile and Slab work, Decluttering, Feng Shui Design, Furniture Selection, Interior Design, Lighting Design, Project Management, Space Planning, Procurement & Installation.

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