Mask Usage Considerations and Ruminations

The Bonneau Mask

I am writing this on the holiday weekend of Memorial Day, 2020. And for most of states, in the United States, it is the unofficial reopening temporal point from the COVID19 National Emergency. So with that in mind for the National Holiday, where we are to remember our men and women who have died serving the Military, we may want to also remember those we have lost to this Twilight Zone-like virus affecting the world at this time.

COVID19, whatever perspective you come from, is something we will be “pivoting” away from for quite some time. We are, I feel, at the end of the First Wave. So with everything I have learned over January till now, I have some thoughts on Masks.

But for now, a bit of a time roll back on my weekends activities:

I had an invite by Dr Diana Wright (an Awesome Lady) to go to Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend for the second conference of the Centers for Advanced Medicine. I had to turn down the offer due to long planned events like a birthday in the family and two upcoming graduation celebrations for my children. I stressed about it because it was so my niche and I really enjoyed being with Dr Diana’s team last year in Savannah for another conference dealing with Wellness.

So when not planning for a birthday and two graduation events, I was busily fulfilling my new product orders, designed during the recent Lock-down, called The Bonneau, an environmental hat, mask, and filter pad insert set. During my time in front of the sewing machine (Yep, I am the one sewing them for now, but I am looking into a service because the order load is going high!), I was able to watch YouTube and found a clip of the conference I was to go to. The clip is of Dr Buttar and it hit home the issues surrounding the masks. See below:

Please start in from 13:35 minutes in….Second Centers for Advanced Medicine Conference, or start from the beginning. ; )

Here is where the conversation about masks begins:

My beginning of this research into this novel virus was its actual size. This virus is smaller than 0.3 microns ! For a perspective, a N95 starts to work at 3 -5 microns ! So please understand that this virus is very, very, very small. Masks, used to PREVENT the virus are useless. As Dr Buttar says: ” It’s like erecting a split-rail fence from a mouse!”

I totally agree.

Now let’s take the common errand of grocery shopping into consideration. I’ve done it with a mask because a very good friend of mine was having health issues and I wore a mask to shop for her food as she convalesced. I did not wear the mask to avoid catching it. I wore it for OTHERS in case I, myself was asymptomatic. I wore the mask for my friend who has a compromised health situation. (Groceries, once purchased and delivered by me, I then washed the containers, the fruits and the veg. This was after having stripped down myself, showered outside (yes, we can do that comfortably in South Carolina most of the year ), and dressed in a clean set of clothes in my endeavor to keep my friend’s virus free environment intact to the best of my ability.)

But when I wore the mask around Whole Foods, it was a bit of a struggle even for me in the conditioned space! I felt like I was not getting the proper amount of oxygen. I had to work harder to breathe! I was sweating! I was huffing and puffing! I personally did not like it! (And this is coming from someone in fairly good health who does Iyengar Yoga and can still manage an ‘on-the-feet landing’ from a forward flip on a trampoline…. at mid-life to boot.) It was then I began to question the other vectors that are not being addressed: the eyes and ears! Eyes actually are more of a trajectory and have quite the attractive receptors for this virus, by my research.

Drs Dan Erikson + Arten Massihi

Then you hear from other doctors ( Dr Erkison + Dr Massihi of California), who’s videos have now been removed from YouTube , that wearing a mask causes stress on the body’s system and may in fact, if you are actually sick with this crud asymptotically, increase the viral load back onto yourself while in the process of expelling it! They were also requesting an early reopening from the lockdown and stated their medical institutions were empty, waiting for the COVID19 onslaught that turned into a nothing-burger…in their neck of the woods (not so for high density dwellers with subways and public transport like Manhattan and New Jersey). But what it was doing was irreparable economic damage and that the over all health institutions cannot run much longer underneath this virus lockdown without returning to normal soon. But again I digress…

Masks. OK, so I can personally state: One, the virus is tinier than that of the official N95 filtering material. Two, it is uncomfortable over the nose and mouth because of lack of proper oxygen intake and the accumulation of carbon-dioxide. Three, wearing one, if sick can actually make your case more dangerous. Four, we have other airborne vectors such as eyes and ears. Five, the eyes have unusually likable receptors for the virus to lock on to. Six, seven and Eight: And dare I say how to achieve a proper fit? Donning of new and doffing of used mask procedures?

Other issues:

Our bodies respond to environmental signals in the environment. Within the body are a set of genes. Each gene has many potentialities of expression based on numerous environmental factors and a bad expression outcome can result in oxidative stress. These stresses come in many forms. We have: heavy metals, chemicals, immune suppressive situations. – Oh! Say like restrictive air instances, like mask wearing events (such as grocery shopping) which shoots up our cortisol levels, which in turn, wears down our immune system to more easily allow opportunistic entities to assault our body? Those being: bacteria (where viruses hideout in, like the COVID19-provetella-connection), parasites, mold, fungi, etc. We also have man-made EMFs/EMRs and some nature ones such as underground streams and geological faults. Then there is the emotional and psychological component: LOCKDOWN! MASKS! …..FEAR! Then our food processing: frankenfoods, additives, MSG, pasteurization, homogenization, and irradiation. And I would have to start a whole other blog on the spiritual aspect of this situation…but I will leave that to others.

But how to combat this from a health perspective? Especially locally in Charleston, South Carolina?

Gesundheit Carolina, Dr Bettina Herbert

Please see Dr Bettina Herbert for how to combat oxidative stresses from the environment and take proper supplementation guidance from her to help keep you strong and healthy during these Twilight-Zone times. She has studied for many years and has an arsenal of supplements and therapies to help keep you at your best.

So now I will stop ruminating. And now you have my view on masks and a lot of other things really. My final thought is that an environmental hat is better if you do anything for short term AIRBORNE protection. Our establishments are starting to require masks for patronage. OK, I get that! And I get that they don’t get it. Most out there think that the mask will protect themselves from the virus. But it doesn’t do that! It is there to SLOW DOWN THE TRANSMISSION ONLY. So yeah, I have designed the mask too with that in mind along with the filter side-kick! So please be very aware that the mask usage is for those actively conscious of PROTECTING OTHERS and not yourself. That said, I am more of a hat wearing girl myself!

The Bonneau Mask

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