Empowering a Variety of Building Design Professionals

New Construction,  Tie-in projects, Renovation, Existing and Green Projects-even small corrections can help immensely. 

As forward thinking design professionals, we have the advantage to design customized solutions for each client.  Learn from our expertise  and let us help you make your next project optimized against Material Toxicity, EMF and GES.  We collaborate with architects, interior designers, engineers, contractors, developers, facility managers and business owners to provide solutions that creates a positive impact on the environmental quality for the occupants.


Our professionals will work on any size project and are able to train employees.  We encouraged you to hire us as early as possible (such as site selection or design development), however, we can step in any point to “fine tune” your  projects no matter what phase you find them in. We know invisible energy waves, unnatural man-made materials containing chemicals, and subtle terrestrial radiation cause  detrimental biological effects which can lead to loss of health and productivity.   So why wait for outdated, day-late-dollar-short corporate studies to confirm what common sense and instinct already tells us?


  • Educational Seminars
  • Material Toxicity, EMF and GES Consulting Services such as:
  1. Mindful MCS Material Selection and Purchasing Consulting Services
  2. Classically Balanced Design Assessment Services
  3. Field Surveys
  4. Design- Exterior, Envelope and Interior  Solutions
  5. Maintenance Plans
  6. Monitoring Plans

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We apply the U.S. Green Building Council Guiding Principle No. 4 otherwise known as  the “Precautionary Principal”:

“When an activity raises threats of harm to the environment or human health, precautionary measures should be taken if some cause and effect relationships are not full established scientifically.”

-Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle 1998