For Wellness Professionals

For Wellness Professionals such as: integrative doctors, healthcare, spa, wellness and business leaders, let us give you a business edge. Promoting harmony and well being like you have never felt before!   An environmentally enhanced design geared towards quality, will have a beneficial impact on the well-being, mood, behavior, and ultimately on the motivation and productivity of the people within the buildings – harmonized buildings translates into better performing employees and relaxed clients for success and bottom line profit!

We go beyond the quantity and measure and study the quality of existing environmental conditions and offer our expert solutions that supports well-beingHarmonized buildings have a competitive healthy edge in the market.

Achieve improved employee/client/patient performance by creating a harmonized building environment that will result in lower sick days,  higher revenue earnings, attract new clients, and more.



  • EMF and GES Surveys,
  • First Class Design Solutions
  • Classically Balanced Energy System Solutions
  • Energy Efficient Envelope and Lighting Design
  • Low EMF Equipment Selection or Shielding
  • Chemically Conscious Building Materials Selections
  • Project Management
  • Maintenance Solutions
  • Seminars


With us as your harmonizing consultant, we make the project more viable with our expertise to achieve an indoor environmental quality that has reduced pollutants by correctly selecting materials and component pieces for lighting, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and envelope systems.  These systems are a high value targets to help create the energetic harmonization of the project to obtain a low material toxicity and electro-pollution status.  We will also safeguard that the choices of form, color, materials, space planning and site selection are of the highest energetic quality which ultimately translates into optimal well being for the occupants.  We classically measure, and qualitatively design choices to be in resonance with the site and building occupants – this design process obtains an excellence in environmental  quality for building spaces.

Who benefits? Everyone in all businesses and industries. However, we like to concentrate in these areas: healthcare companies, hospitality venues, wellness centers, rehab centers, nursing homes,  medical offices, spas, salons.

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We apply the U.S. Green Building Council Guiding Principle No. 4 otherwise known as  the ” Precautionary Principal”:

“When an activity raises threats of harm to the environment or human health, precautionary measures should be taken if some cause and effect relationships are not full established scientifically.”

-Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle 1998