For Home Owners

We  help homeowners make an informed site selection for the best possible location for their home and help them with the selection of “energy efficient” and “green” building products to achieve environmentally sound choices for their projects. We create harmonized solutions by evaluation, design and administration of: new construction, tie-in addition, and renovation projects.  We even have solutions for your current home.   In homes, our goal is to have you breath clean air, use quality water, sleep in safe zones out of harmful electro-stressed areas and have optimized furniture placement for an energetically sound home.


All of these solutions have the added benefit for growing children, the elderly, people with weak immune systems and and hyper-sensitivities.  We can share our expertise to offer homeowners solutions with our blended approach of building arts, technology and classically balanced systems.

  • We help home owners buy or sell properties by harmonizing their properties of harmful pollutants such as electro-stresses, and other environmental pollutants.  Before buying, we review the site and property or building plans to ensure you purchase is the most beneficial. And if it is not the most beneficial, we can create an Action Plan to help with the harmonization. During move-in we can do optimized space planning to enhance the harmonization even further.   Before selling, we can de-clutter, stage the property and reverse the negative energy-quality into a beneficial-energy quality for the attraction of more buyers and a quicker sale.
  • We help home owners with new  construction, renovation, additions and even existing homes. We review and/or prepare design drawings.  We customize our strategies to achieve a beneficial site selection and building orientation.  We optimize the design for you and the environment.  And we optimize space planning for the healthy bio-energetic fields of the occupants.  We troubleshoot energetic issues and turn them into a harmonized home for a better quality of life.
  •   We help home owners transform the energetic atmosphere of your home into one that positively influences mood and behavior, promote wellness, and restores environmental harmony.



  • Increased Real Estate Value
  • Energy Savings
  • Quality Environments for Wellbeing
  • Positive Behavioral and Mood Changes
  • Reduced Electro-fields and Chemical Fumes
  • Natural Pest Control
  • To responsibly use technology in a safer way



  •  Design
  • Space Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Purchasing
  • Installation
  • Professional Organizing
  • Project Management
  • EMF and GES Investigative Surveys
  • Harmonizing Consulting Services
  • Energy Efficient Building Systems and Appliance Selections
  • Low Chemical Building and Finish Material Selection
  • Stigmatized Property Services

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We apply the U.S. Green Building Council Guiding Principle No. 4 otherwise known as  the ” Precautionary Principal”:

“When an activity raises threats of harm to the environment or human health, precautionary measures should be taken if some cause and effect relationships are not full established scientifically.”

-Wingspread Statement on the Precautionary Principle 1998