For Developers & RE

In Real Estate, we can help you avoid the below example with proper site selection for properties with flipping action plans.  We can help sell properties quickly by sharing our expertise in Design, Environmental Knowledge and Classically Balanced Energy Systems which offers harmonizing solutions.   We integrate solutions that are beneficially designed for the end result of  balanced buildings and happy people.


Ever wonder why some properties fail to sell and others are quickly snapped up in a span of hours?  Prospective buyers can feel the “energy” of the space.  It may be as plain-sighted as a negligent or an improper maintenance regime or better yet, it might be that they cannot quite put their finger on it-as the space  gleams with a maintained polish – but somehow evokes an icky subconscious vibe – this could potentially make or break a deal…….So Consult with Us!  You will be satisfied with the investment.


For Developers or Investors

Please do not start a project without us!  We recommend inviting us to the kick-off team meeting, at the start of a project.  However, we can step in at any stage of the project.  Our expertise will increase the value of the property, attract buyers and create an environment that will sell the property quickly.

Services Include:

  • Site Selection
  • Energy-Efficient Design and Appliance Selections
  • Property Development
  • Healthy Material Selection
  • EMF and GES Design Solutions
  • Classically Balanced Energy System Solutions
  • Stellar Design Skills and Service


For Real Estate Agents

Agents sometimes encounter properties that are difficult to sell.   Typically, it can be put down to a property with “bad energy”.  Learned about in Real Estate School, some properties fall into a category called “the Stigmatized Property” – it feels bad, it looks bad, it has a bad history, and it is possibly haunted with who knows what -that can literally scare people away…without ever looking back!

Services Include:

  • EMF and GES Design Solutions
  • Renovations with an Eye to Healthy Material Choices
  • Selection Services of Energy Rated Systems and Appliances
  • De-cluttering and Organizing
  • Optimized Staging
  • Stigmatized House Services

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Note: In some countries like Israel, Germany, and Switzerland as well as with some United States insurance companies, real estate transactions cannot be completed without an EMF survey.  While most agents think that these tests are deal breakers, a shrewd agent will coach a Listing Client to do their homework first and preempt weak negotiation points with home inspections and environmental tests before they place their home on the market.  Other important tests to consider are Radon, Lead, Mold, Water and Air Quality surveys.  Listing Agents will be able to successfully negotiate the best deal  with potential buyers and buyers agents for accurate house value, and a quicker sale.  Ultimately buyers will have satisfaction that they are purchasing a solid investment that is safe environmentally and energetically for their family.