Please have a look at our environmental and design consulting services:

  • Design Professionals, Facility Managers & Building Contractors
  • Healthcare, Spa, Wellness and Business
  • Private Home Owners
  • Real Estate

Material Toxicity, EMF, GES, Chemical, Water, Air, and Mold control requires significant knowledge of building systems, components, materials, and design – we have vast expertise in these areas.  Reducing exposure as a prevention strategy and using  economic solutions is innovative and sustainable for people, the environment and the budget.

Terrestrial and celestial radiation evaluation and solutions require almost an occult like  knowledge in classical energy systems, and architecture  – only a  small world wide group of professionals understand their significance and the creation of a space with an certain type of “energy-quality”.  This ‘hot-pot’ energy quality has a direct impact on human energy field and is currently studied by the scientific community in the field of Bioenergetics.

More people need to become aware and to reacquaint themselves with these beneficial and detrimental energies lost to a short cultural memory span.  The components above integrate and amplify with our current modern technological frequencies in a detrimental way to life-if one is not mindful of these energy systems. The union of the two will quickly get out of hand causing them to become dangerous to living beings. So contact us today for a consulting appointment!

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