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We are a loose knit set of professionals that have come together to help others understand that there is more to a building design than just the cost per square foot factor.  Our mission is to provide education and services for our clients’ life goal of the pursuit of wellness.

The art of architecture, since the time of Vitruvius, has always been engendered by a trinity of conditions concisely described in his work, De Architectura: “A well building hath three conditions: firmness, commodity and delight.” However, he did not foresee the loss of knowledge about geophysical laws nor the integration of man-made electric technology as we have and use today in our buildings. Neither did he foresee the birth of the industry of  a certain type of ‘value engineering’ that always has some deleterious design effect, nor the chemical/electric/data-com/lighting industries that helps create innovative products and not uncommonly – unhealthy side effects…

We seem to live in a peculiar set of circumstances that the people of Vitruvius’ time have not encountered. While the built environment has been enhanced by these new technological advances, their application has come at the expense of what should be the most important concern of the artificers – harmony and balance-for the mind, body and spirit. When humans or living beings have optimal balance and performance, one can be assured that this is the state which is always in harmony with the environment.

Along with a more usual and customary set of services, we provide awareness and solutions for the beneficial interrelationship between living beings and built systems. At the heart of our mutual association is the not well understood modern irritants such as electromagnetic frequency (EMF), geopathic stress (GES), device and electric over-exposure and chemical sensitivity (MCS). For you to be in harmony, the structures and systems of your world will need to be in harmony and beneficial to you. It is your third skin, and as such, it is the guardian for your life’s quality.


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A wealth of specialties and truly gifted.



Associate: May Dooley, CMC

Create Your Healthy Home: An absolute Mold Maven helping folk to healthier homes for close to 20 years in the Metro NY area, plus in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC, Massachusetts, and points beyond. Located near Hershey, PA, with a secondary location on Long Island.  She is a Certified Microbial Consultant, American Indoor Air Quality Council, a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC), and a Member of IAQA, Indoor Air Quality Association among other applets.


Associate: Eric Billitier

Axis Environmental Solutions owner, Eric Billitier, is a certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) and Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) by the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology. As many pollutants we assess are invisible, it is very difficult to mitigate  on your own. Axis Environmental Solutions has the expertise and the state-of-the-art technology to help you out.


Associate: Chris Buonocore of                 

Lifesource Environmental Solutions

Christopher Buonocore has a B.S. in Indoor Health and is certified as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant (BBEC) with the advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) designation. In addition, he has adapted 40 contact hours of FEMA Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear & Explosive (CBRNE) Awareness Training scaled to residential applications. Exposures emerging from indoor sources as well as from external sources are considered with indoor environmental health. A holistic approach employing ethnography and physical exposures is considered to uncover the sources of environmental conditions affecting your health.

Chris developed a university degree program to encompass the distinctive concealed modern residential hazards from an anthropological, regulatory and scientific perspective. Research included the intersection of human health and dwellings to develop methods for those where optimal health remains an unrealized aspiration.

Chris’ passion is to uncover and reduce indoor exposures to create a “Healthy Home” or workspace. Many people live in compromised spaces and need to have the information and awareness to address these issues. A particular interest is placed in creating safe living spaces for those suffering with Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Lyme Disease, Mold toxin exposures and injured veterans.

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Charles Keen, Mentor and Adviser



Associate: Charles Keen – Principal Technical Representative

Charles Keen has been professionally involved in EMF related activities since 1992. His background prior to that time spanned nearly two decades in the telecommunications industry, at a range of technical, engineering, and management positions, including development of test procedures for RF communications systems. He is an IAEI certified electrical inspector, a member of the International Association of Electrical Inspectors, and holds a B.S. degree from the University of Maryland. His university training focused on environmental health, occupational safety, and risk analysis. Mr. Keen has performed presentations for a number of real estate, inspection, and school groups, and was featured in a Washington Post article on public perception of power line magnetic field risk. He is the developer of our active magnetic shielding equipment, and primarily focuses on site-specific active shielding system design, RF site assessment and analysis, and EMI problem resolution.

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