Biotoxins of the Gulf War Vets

For  the Gulf Vets experiencing Gulf War Syndrome.  Please read the letter below from Dr Lieberman.  While I may or may not personally support war efforts, these soldiers are sourced from our families and friends.  These soldiers sacrificed their own personal freedom for a time and their health forevermore.   Some join based on patriotism and many join based on need or other situations.  Posting this letter is a way for Gulf Vets to know there is treatment available and to create awareness of environmental toxins.  This is a quick summary of found biotoxins of the Gulf War Vets.  While this is an example of a war induced state, we at home are also exposed to many biotoxins.  We find them in the earth, the water, the air and when material is burnt.  These biotoxins are largely responsible for the start of the disease state.  Doctors work on the body while designers such as myself, we work on the building.  It is where you spend most of your time.  Your home is where you heal.  Design systems for Life can provide solutions for harmonious well being.

If one wants to contact the Center of Occupational & Environmental Medicine just click the link.

COEM Biotoxin Sarin Letter
Letter about Biotoxins of the Gulf War Vets

Lemon Test for Vitality!


The Lemon Test: showing how a very simple yet specific geometry design preserves vitality in fruit at an increase of 50-60% of it’s typical ‘shelf-life’.

I think this experiment shows with extreme clarity, how a shape impacts the vitality of a biological system.  Have a look at the picture and compare the lemon to the left (without a shape) to the lemon on the right (with a shape).  These two lemons were purchased on the same day and from the same lot and observed for just over a month. Another set was purchased for comparison at the end of the experiment period.  Something to mention is that the lemons were put directly on an earth line which is part of a grid system named after its German discoverer in 1953 by the name of Anton Benker b 1895. These grids are approximately 32′ x 32′ x 32′ or 10 m x 10 m x 10 m.  They run North-South and East West and right up through the Earth’s ionosphere and are known to impact the environment. This is a three dimensional cube lattice system that emits radiation.  Studies have shown that they heighten the chance of detrimental health in biological systems such as plants,  animals and have detrimental effects on stone or other building materials.

They are made of negative fields and positive fields.  One can utilize a negative field for a short time for a calming effect. However, if one stays in this negative field for a long time, it may weaken biological systems.  In a positive field, documentation has shown that when one works or sleeps in such areas it triggers infections, irritations and ulcers and even cancer.  Under this type of radiation the cell structures cannot regenerate well and ultimately weakens the immune system.

This is just on small example of what radiations do to a body.  It is also a lovely example of what proper design can do to promote wellness and vitality.