Design + Planning for Wellness

The team at Design Systems for Life offers design services in:

  • Photo Realistic Rendering
  • Mood Folios
  • Ideation Folios
  • Renovation/Remodeling
  • Custom Design
  • Designing for Neurodiversity
  • Healthy Home Design
  • Energetic Design
  • To-the-Trade Freelance

We specialize in:

  • Furnishings and Textile Procurement
  • Architectural Detailing
  • Custom Furnishing Design
  • Contractor Coordination
  • Project Management
  • Healthy Material Selection
  • Material Irritant Research
  • Energetic Surveys + Siting
  • Energetic Design Sculpting
  • We are unique. With our client’s pursuit of elegant, well-being-minded spaces, we honed our design skills like no other! Yes, we do typical services such as: design planning + development, design selections, budgeting + specifying, and project management with a white-glove-turn-key approach. And because of that, we are very similar to other design offices; but, what sets us apart is that we integrate healthy building materials and techniques in a very unique way. We focus on energetically harmonic and intelligent design by sculpting spaces and forms by their lengths, angles, colors (nm) and sounds (hz) to work as a whole within their own micro-environment.
  • Our goal is first and foremost on the built environment as a refined, exquisitely designed third skin for living beings. And an even further level apart from our peers, is that we do not just work on the building or its interiors; we survey, analyze and refine our work by what impacts it energetically from many sources. We make initial assessments for beneficial and detrimental terrestrial, celestial and man-made electromagnetic radiations before we sit down to the proverbial drawing board! We look at each design component and material and its position to see if it enhances the overall environment or we do not use it.
  • These evaluations and solutions require a set of lesser known or long forgotten knowledge and techniques pulled from a variety of disciplines within the musical, design and engineering sciences (music theory, harmonics, acoustics, light, color, and physics, radio-engineering, civil engineering). It is seldom ever taught in colleges even at a most introductory level. Currently aware and trained, is a small world-wide group of professionals who understand their significance and impact on human health.
  • What most professional designers and the general public do not understand today is that a significant aspect of our design heritage has been negated by the ever growing development of new building technologies used to construct our modern world. While the built environment has been enhanced by these new advances, their application has come at the expense of what should be the most important concern of the artificially constructed environment – human health.
  • Connect with us if you have questions or are interested in a consultation regarding design/investigative evaluations, research on environmental irritants and material components or education seminars. Design Systems for Life
  • If you are a Vendor or a Prospective Client, please make an appointment.
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